Friday, March 13, 2009

Moving Day!

Well just to keep this and anyone who reads it, up to date. Today is moving day for me. My apartment is in massive disarray and my car is loaded with boxes headed for the black hole of my brand new storage unit. Look at me! All grown up with my own storage!
Unfortunately with all the excitement this week my body grew jealous and launched a campaign for attention of its own...and now I'm croaky and feel pretty much gross. My throat hurts in a way that makes me seriously doubt the thoroughness of the surgeon who removed my tonsils when I was 5. (it was so long ago, did it really happen at all?) But I shall move! No more ghetto-style living for me! Well, until I find a new ghetto place to live. No more ice cream trucks that play "Godfather Theme" instead of nursery rhyme music. My friends have graciously allowed me to crash on their couches for the next few weeks while a few job prospects play out. Who knows what this next step will bring? But my stay in the eastern block neighborhood of Glendale is coming to a close. Stay tuned for more updates on my homeless adventure.

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